Expert Butcher Shares The Cuts Of Meat You Should Never Buy At The Store

A butcher knows everything you need to know about meat and buying meat. But grocery stores are not always taking advice from experts in the meat industry. That’s why one butcher has come forward to warn you about the types of meat you should avoid at all costs when visiting your local grocery store. Although these stores try to sell you these “bad” meats, the butcher behind these tips wants better for you – and so long as you follow these tips, you’ll always be able to serve the best meat at your dinner table.

A steak or roasted chicken will never disappoint – so long as it is cooked just right. But there are definitely meats you should avoid when shopping at your supermarket. These include some very popular items that may shock and surprise you.

Avoid pre-assembled skewers at all costs.

Supermarkets love when customers walk out of their stores with pre-skewered meats. By stabbing a wooden stick through meat chunks and slathering them with sauce, grocery stores can knock up the prices a lot. Although the cuts of meats used for skewers are usually pretty cheap when bought off the stick.

Avoid pre-seasoned and marinated meats.

Supermarkets can “get you” with these items because they are mascaraed as being very convenient. However, according to our expert butcher, it’s best to avoid these meats when shopping. Why? Well, besides being overpriced due to the “convenience factor,” the butchers in supermarkets often over-marinate and over-season these items, making them taste poorly.

Choose unseasoned varieties and do the work yourself. A simple dry-rub or marinate can make your meal taste absolutely delicious. Yes, it takes a few more minutes but will delight you at the dinner table.

Skip the filet.

These premium cuts are sold at inflated prices. However, there are cuts of meat that are just as tasty at a much better price.

Buy USDA organic chicken.

You are what you eat. And if you eat chicken that has been fed God knows what, you’re going to be eating the residue of God knows what. You don’t want that. Instead, choose chicken that was raised organically. These birds were fed real food, so you know you are eating a chicken that was given something good to eat.

“Antibiotic-free” chicken only, please.

You don’t want to be ingesting antibiotics that you don’t need. But many American factory farms pump their chickens with antibiotics to save money at the expense of their customer. Choose chicken and other poultry without antibiotics whenever possible. Even if it says “no added hormones,” the farmer is still loading the chicken with antibiotics.

Skip water-cooled chicken.

Sometimes meat markets cool their chicken meat with water. When they do this, the meat absorbs the water, which means the chicken meat gets infused with extra weight. You’ll be paying for water when you should be paying for chicken meat.

Instead, search for air-chilled chicken. These cuts of meat are not loaded with water that weighs down your purchase. They also have not been given a chance to absorb chemicals like chlorine. And who wants to be eating more chlorine than necessary? No one!

Will these tips from an expert butcher change the way you shop for meats?